Welcome to Bethel Presbyterian Church


Whether you are visiting for the first time, or a longtime member, we are blessed to have you with us. Bethel means ‘House of God’.  All are welcome in God’s house.  We take these words seriously.  We strive to be a community as diverse and hospitable as God’s emerging kingdom.  We don’t all look or act alike; God knows we don’t all think alike...more about us  


Our History


Bethel Presbyterian Church was founded in 1805. This makes us the oldest and most historic church in Oconee County! Our immense history is detailed below with families, ministers...

Church Events

Cemetery and Property


Of the nearly 600 memorials in the Bethel cemetery 103 are infants to age 7 and of the 65 military memorials 25 are Civil War veterans. As expected in a historic cemetery, there are as many as 45 unmarked graves...

Church has always been one of my strongest ways to stay close to Jesus and live my life for Him. That’s why I love Bethel Presbyterian Church so much. I feel at home here. Pastor Frank is amazing and I am so glad to call BPC home for me and my family.
— Tim R.