Our Property Dates Before the Civil War

Of the nearly 600 memorials in the Bethel cemetery 103 are infants to age 7 and of the 65 military memorials 25 are Civil War veterans. As expected in a historic cemetery, there are as many as 45 unmarked graves. If you send us a request, we would be pleased to furnish anyone with further pictures of a Bethel memorial and send those to you. There are some markers that are broken and fast becoming unreadable. Anyone interested in preserving damaged and worn family markers should not hesitate to contact the church. The complete list of memorials, including images, is available at our find-a-grave site.

You can support the work of maintaining the cemetery grounds by giving to the cemetery’s Care and Maintenance Fund or to its perpetual care by earmarking your gift for the Frankie Galloway Cemetery Endowment.