A Brief History of Bethel Church

Having been born in 1739, Bucks County, Pennsylvania,General Andrew Pickens was a mere lad when his family, Captain Andrew and Anne Davis Pickens, arrived in 1751 at the Waxhaw Settlement in Lancaster County, South Carolina. The Waxhaw Presbyterian Church was established a few years later in 1754. 


What is unique about being presbyterian?

The earliest Christian church consisted of Jews in the first century who had known Jesus and heard his teachings. It gradually grew and spread from the Middle East to other parts of the world, though not without controversy and hardship among its supporters.

The Faith We Confess

The Apostles' Creed developed between 2nd—9th centuries. The first literary witness to the form of the Apostles’ Creed as we have it today was a Benedictine monk, Priminius, who came from southern France to Germany as a missionary in the late eighth century. Priminius founded a monastery and wrote a...


Let us Worship God

It is because Christian worship is inherently corporate that the community gathers. Part of the need to worship is the need to share the experience with others. Meister Eckhart said, “There is no such thing as my bread, only our bread.” Only in community can we become aware of Christ’s presence in the world...